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and so on…

We’ve all seen the spam and it’s annoyed us all.  We’ve also all experienced the messages that have gone missing because they have been categorised as spam when they weren’t – false positives.

We have the solution.  We’re going to brag here but this is simply the best, simplest, most effective way of stopping spam dead in its tracks.  It has these simple features that, when combined, make it the ultimate spam solution.

How it works –

You need to have your own domain – that’s the bit after the @ in an email.  Instead of email going straight into your email server, it’s diverted via ours first.  Spam and viruses are stripped away and what’s left is sent through within a few seconds.

You don’t install any software on any of your computers or servers.  There are no startup costs, nothing to buy.  You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time.You have reduced internet traffic.

But the best thing is 99% of all spam is blocked and the false positive rate is less than one in a million messages.