backup-and-recovery“I like to go full bore into something. If you have a backup plan, then you’ve already admitted defeat.” – Henry Cavill

Contrary to Mr Cavill, we strongly recommend a very solid backup plan.

Your data IS your business.  If you lose your data you lose your business; it’s that simple.

Nobody ever needs to backup, however some people will need to restore and restore as quickly as possible.  It makes sense to plan for that so when the unthinkable happens you know exactly where your data is and how to get it back.  From a staff member deleting critical files – either accidentally or deliberately – through to recovery from a complete server loss.

Are you still taking disks off-site?  If so your backups are as reliable as the person taking them.  We can take the human element out of the equation and store all your data automatically in our data centre.  We’ll even email you a report every day when the backup has successfully completed.

And it costs less than you probably think with no hardware to buy.  Call us for a quote.

Benefits of a fully automated online backup:

  • No more unreliable tapes or disksCloud_Backup
  • Faster backup and restore
  • All data is fully encrypted
  • Data stored offsite in a secure data centre
  • Choice of retention period for deleted files
  • Daily notifications that the backup worked

Have a read of a classic backup “war story” here.