Unlike nearly all other IT companies, PPS goes further than just keeping your computers running.  We like our customers to think of us as an extension to their business management team.

Small businesses of all types face constant challenges in keeping their accounts in order.  Stop spending all night reconciling bank accounts, working out your BAS or staff leave entitlements.  Give us a call and discover just how cheap it can be to recover precious family time.

The services we provide can be tailored to your growing business needs.

  • Pick and choose from set-up, to payroll to backlog to BAS.
  • Our experienced bookkeepers tailor your bookkeeping with up-to-date knowledge of business legislation.
  • We provide bookkeeping onsite or out-of-sight — or a combination of both.
  • Our bookkeeping services are flexible. Just give us a call when you need more, less or something different.
  • We are also conversion specialists, whether it’s converting from desktop software to the cloud or from onsite bookkeeping to cloud-based services.
  • Need more? We can set up budgets, cash flow and customised KPI reporting to make sure you’re always in control of your growing business needs.

You can take advantage of our predefined packages for basic, advanced or premium bookkeeping services.  Check them out here.

And you might also want to look at our list of 10 bookkeeping tips here.