The “Cloud”.  We’ve all heard of it but do you really know what it means?  Don’t worry if you don’t because even the experts disagree as to what is really the cloud.

Put simply, the cloud is a spot on the Internet where you can access services, usually by “renting” them.  Done properly a cloud implementation can save you time, money, offer better security and redundancy and allow you to expand rapidly without having to buy lots of servers to keep you running.

Done poorly and you’ll have delays, lost data, reduced functionality and a security nightmare.  The cloud isn’t the right choice for everybody or maybe it’s the right choice for only part of your business and you’ll keep the rest “traditionally”.

Speak to us today to see if any of these cloud offerings are right for you.  PPS can offer the following:

Backups – Instead of taking the disks home every night, simply leave it to us.

Anti Spam – Almost 100% of spam gone before you see it.

Anti Virus – A new breed of AV that looks at what the virus does instead of what it looks like.

Hosted Email – Access your emails via Exchange without having to put in the huge servers.

Hosted Servers – Whatever your business application, we can host it in our data centres.

Hosted Job Control – Keep track of all your customer service responsibilities using the same software that we do.