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Server Computers from Acer

Our 2 standard recommended servers:
Acer Altos T350 F3 server:

HP ML-350 Gen 10 Server: 

Acer Altos T350F3 serverOver the years, we have have come up with a standard spec machine that is ideal for businesses up to 25 users, and expandable to support many more users. We take no shortcuts on quality or reliability, and so this spec has plenty of redundancy built in, to ensure maximum uptime. This consists of a proper dedicated server box, and consists of the following core specs…

  • A Single Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4 pro cpu with 8 cores (2.10GHz)
         (a 2nd identical cpu can be added later if need be)
  • 32Gb of ECC server memory
         (Error checking & correcting, 4 x 8Gb module, expandable to 192Gb!)
  • Dual redundant power supplies
         (so server will keep running if 1 power supply fails, and new unit can be swapped whilst running)
  • 4 x 2Tb SATA Hard drives in a RAID6 array
         (Yield is nearly 4Tb capacity. Server will keep running with up to 2 drives failed, & drives can be hot swapped.
          It is expandable to a maximum of 8 drives. Includes dedicated 8 port RAID controller with 512Mb cache)
  • DVD drive included. Server can be rack mounted with optional Rack kit ($148 ex gst extra).
  • 3 year, 9-5 next business day onsite Warranty (Perth Metro Area)

We configure the box to run VMware ESXi free virtualisation platform, so the Windows operating system can be easily transported to new hardware for future upgrading or disaster recovery.

Prices start at around $6000 ex gst. As we customise the specs to suit each client individually, please contact us to discuss your requirements.   
Please email us for pricing.

Battery can be added to RAID controller
      (this lowers risk of data corruption due to abrupt power failure. Highly recommended)
Upgrade cpu to Xeon E5-2630 v4 pro 8 core
      (this yields 16 virtual cores)
Upgrade RAM memory to 64Gb ECC server memory
      (Recommendeed for clients running Exchange or other additional VM's)

There are many more upgrade options available, including more RAM memory up to 256Gb, extra hard drives, faster SAS and SSD hard drives, 8 and 10 core cpu's. Contact us to request a quote for the required specifiaction.

Here is more info on the T350F2 server from Acer's web site


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