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Components Page
This is just a small sample of the components & peripherals that we sell.

Code Description Price Photo

  USB Flash Drives (Thumb Drives):

We sell a wide range of brands and capacities of Flash drives..

Please Email Us for pricing on USB drives, as there are many different types.

  Kingston USB Flash Drive
1245395(IM)Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000 HD Webcam with Microphone,
This true HD camera gives you bright and colourful video, and makes it easy to post to your favourite social sites. HD, 4x digital zoom, 30fps, 68.5 degree field of view, 16:9 widescreen format. Noice cancelling microphone, USB interface.
$50 ex-gst

($55 inc-gst)
Microsoft Lifecam HD 3000
  RAM memory modules: (Good quality Kingston and Legend RAM modules)...

Does your computer need a boost in performance? Then maybe a RAM upgrade is what you need, and it's never been more affordable.

Please Email Us for pricing on RAM, as there are many different types.
Please include details of your PC so we can cross-reference ram type.

Dimm RAM module

  USB 4 port hub (external hub),
plugs into 1 USB port and gives you 4 useable USB ports. Includes external power pack, and has status lights indicating power and status of each port. 
$45 ex-gst

($49.50 inc-gst)
  UTP Network fly leads, CAT-5e twisted pair RJ45-RJ45, various lengths:
metre- $ 5 ex-gst     ($ 5.50 inc-gst)
 1  metre - $ 6
ex-gst    ($ 6.60 inc-gst)
 metre - $ 7 ex-gst    ($ 7.70 inc-gst)
 3  metre - $ 8 ex-gst    ($ 8.80 inc-gst)
 5  metre - $10 ex-gst   ($11.00 inc-gst)
10 metre - $14 ex-gst   ($15.40 inc-gst)
20 metre - $22 ex-gst   ($24.20 inc-gst)

  See our Payments page for payment details.
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