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PPS MailScan, managed email spam and virus filtering.

Take back control of your email !!


The PPS MailScan service provides your primary layer of business email security, proactively stopping viruses and SPAM entering your network.


Email threats have expanded from viruses and nuisance spam to sophisticated blended attacks resulting in significant costs in loss of staff productivity and IT network downtime. “As much as 80 percent of e-mail is spam and IDC believes that more than three-quarters of all corporate machines are infected with various forms of spyware.”

THE SOLUTION—MailScan by Professional Pc Support

By utilising a managed email service by PPS, IT customers can enjoy the benefits of one of the world’s top email appliances without the significant cost of ownership.

Spam Protection
PPS MailScan’s IronPort® Appliance provides defence in depth against spam by providing two layers of protection. A preventative outer layer of reputation filters and inner layer reactive filters from IronPort. IronPort Reputation Filters™ provide an outer layer of defence using IronPort SenderBase® data to perform a real-time email traffic threat assessment and identify suspicious email senders. IronPort Anti-Spam™ Filters utilize the industry's most innovative approach to threat detection, based on IronPort's unique Con-text Adaptive Scanning Engine™ (CASE). IronPort's CASE examines the complete con-text of a the message contains, "How" the message is constructed, "Who" is sending the message, and "Where" the call to action of the message takes you. By combining these elements, IronPort Anti-Spam stops the broadest range of threats with industry-leading accuracy.

Virus Protection
IronPort Virus Outbreak Filters™ identify and quarantine viruses hours before traditional virus signatures are available.

Sophos Anti-Virus technology provides a fully integrated second layer of virus protection with the highest-performance virus scanning technology in the industry.

No hardware, software, installation or a change of Internet Service Provider is required, and the results are immediate!
And remember, because the unwanted emails are filtered prior to reaching your organisation, you will benefit from reduced internet traffic (so less data volume to contribute to your data allowance and/or bill), and less congestion (more speed).

The price on this service is $5 ex-gst per mailbox, per month, paid monthly or 12 months in advance. A once off half hour ($70 ex-gst) setup fee applies.
Example: If you have 4 mailboxes, then it will be $5 x 4 mailboxes x 12 months = $240 ex-gst for 1 year (plus once off setup fee).
All prices listed include GST.

Please Email Us if you require any further information.

This page was last updated on 25 Aug 2020