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PPS On-line Backup - Our Automatic Remote (off-site) Backup Service.

Take the worry out of your backups !!

Online, Automatic backup of your server's data to an off site, secure location... the PPS Server room at our office in Malaga.


As we all know, you must take a copy of your backups off site, just in case the unthinkable happens where all the on-site data is lost due to a unforseen event, such as fire, theft, or electical surge (lightening). Taking data off site is usually by means of Tapes, or external hard drives. Tape backups are often unreliable due to having lots of moving parts... tape drive heads get dirty, the mechanisims wear out, and the tapes wear out too. External hard drives are not very robust, and often can't tollerate the knocks that they are often subject to. Replacing the tape drive every few years, the tapes even more frequently and even the external hard drives, can be very expensive. To be totally secure, you also need to rotate set of tapes or hard drives off site. This rotation is dependant on a person remembering to take the media off site (and this is often the weak link in the chain!)

THE SOLUTION — Online Backup by Professional Pc Support

By utilising our Online Backup service by PPS, customers can enjoy the benefits of better security for their data, and less hassle... no more managing and monitoring of tapes / hard drives etc.

PPS Online Backup service uses industry standard StorageCraft software at the Client's site, and replicates to our secure server room. Backups are programmed to run overnight, so as to not impact on your internet performance during the day. The process is fully automated, taking the "Human" factor out of the equation, and we monitor the process from our end. As many ISP's do not count outbound data towards your monthly quota, there is usually no impact on your monthly quotas. Even if your ISP does count this traffic, the data that is transmitted is incremental and compressed, and so with today's large internet plans, the data volume transmitted is usually insignificant.

The price for the service is as follows...

Amount of data stored
Monthly cost (ex gst)
Up to 100GB
$   60
Up to 200GB
$   70
Up to 300GB
$   80
Up to 400GB
$   90
Up to 500GB
$ 100
$ P.O.A.

Prerequisites - At the Client's site, you need to already have StorageCraft ShadowProtect software, backing up to a local NAS drive. If you don't already have these, then PPS can supply the software and / or hardware. as either an outright purchase or as a monthly rental. Let us know if you need a quote on this.

Initial setup costs - This includes a technician coming to your site if necessary, installing the software, and doing the initial (seed) backup to an external hard disk for transportation to us, to save sending the first entire backup across your internet connection. of course with faster Fibre conenctions becomming more common, it is often possible to seed the backup across the internet without a site visit.

Amount of data in the initial backup
Setup cost
Up to 100Gb
$ P.O.A.
100Gb to 200Gb
$ P.O.A.
200Gb to 400Gb
$ P.O.A.
400Gb to 1Tb
$ P.O.A.

Please Email Us if you require any further information.

This page was last updated on 23 Aug 2020