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Server Computers from Acer and HP

Our recommended server brands are as follows (click on link for more info):

Acer    |    HP    |    Lenovo

SERVER SOFTWARE (suitable for any of the brands):

Microsoft Server 2019 Essentials License
More info: Click Here 
* Support for up to 25 users is included. No CALs required.

$ 760 ex-gst

Microsoft Server Essentials 2016
Microsoft Server Standard 2019 License
More info: Click Here 
* CAL = Client Access License
* Open License (No CALs are included. You need to add 1 CAL per user)

$ 1410 ex-gst
(Server License, no CALs)

$ 66 each ex- gst
(User Cals)

Microsoft Server Standard 2016
Microsoft Exchange server standard (Licenses)
If you want to run Exchange on-remises, rather than havihng your mailboxes in the cloud with Office 365, then this is what is required to host your own emails

You require a CAL (Client Access license) for each user..

* CAL = Client Access License     * VM = Virtual Machine
* Open License (No CALs are included. You need to add 1 CAL per user)
$ 1130 ex-gst
(License for exchange server, no CALS)

$ 145 ex-gst
(CAL for each user)

Microsoft Exchange Server 2016

See our Payments page for payment details.

These pages were last updated on 1 Mar 2020.