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StorageCraft ShadowProtect backup software.

"Best-in-Class Backup and Disaster Recovery for all your Windows Systems"

StorageCraft introduces the latest version of its award-winning backup and disaster recovery software, StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX! Get the legendary reliability of ShadowProtect to back up your Windows servers, laptops and desktops and quickly recover them when disaster strikes. Protect entire systems - the operating system, applications, services, settings and all of your data.

Features include:
*    Backups are performed to hard drives (Either NAS or USB).
*    Multiple snapshots can be taken throughout the day with little impact on performance.
*    Backup images can be easily "mounted" to review and extract files from them.
*    Backup reports can be automatically emailed to multiple recipiants.
*    Can be integrated with PPS Online Backups for automated off-site storage.

The price for the software is as follows...

StorageCraft ShadowProtect
Purchase Price including 1 year maintenance
Monthly price including remote management agent
ShadowProtect Virtual server edition
VRT1M1Y, 1 guest license
For more info, click here!
$ 390 ex-gst

$ 26.50 ex-gst
ShadowProtect Physical Server edition
SVR-1PM-1YR, Single license
For more info, click here!
$ 885 ex-gst

$ 51.00 ex-gst
ShadowProtect Desktop edition
DSK1M3Y, 1 license
For more info, click here!
$ 145 ex-gst

$ 11.90 ex-gst

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This page was last updated on 24 Aug 2020