CloudEmailSmall businesses used to install Microsoft’s Small Business Server which did the three things they needed.  It stored files, hosted emails and controlled access.

Microsoft have decided to discontinue SBS much to the confusion and dismay of many IT support companies such as ours.  Today you either buy Exchange (designed for medium to large businesses) or you put your email in the cloud.

PPS provide hosted emails starting at just a few dollars per month.  It allows all the features of Exchange and SBS but without the server hardware and software spend.  Simply pay monthly per mailbox with the rate determined by how much data you’re storing.  Most of our customers aren’t paying for excess data storage.

Of course it’s processed by our anti-spam system first so you’re only going to get real emails.  And, as it’s part of our system, we do the backups.  Your local computer will cache a copy just in case you’re offline so you can still read and compose for sending later on.

Secure access from a mobile or tablet is included.  Setup costs are minimal but it usually depends on how much email we need to migrate in.

If your mail server is getting long in the tooth or you’re unhappy with your current hosting solution, give us a call.