technologyobjectsIf you run a business, let us keep you running.

So many small businesses are wasting time on computer problems because “it’s cheaper” than getting a professional to look at it. They are scared of IT support bills that make lawyers look like good value.

How about IT that just works? If you have a problem with it then it’s fixed and there’s no extra bill. How about being able to accurately budget for your IT expenditure, month after month, year after year? Best of all you know that downtime due to IT issues is almost non-existent.

Consider fixed price IT management.

For a fixed fee each month, PPS will:

  • Give you unlimited telephone support.
  • Give you unlimited on-site support.
  • Ensure your backups work every night.
  • Ensure all your computers receive the latest software updates.
  • Conduct regular health checks of your system.
  • Monitor your hardware and software for problems – and fix them.
  • Predict problems so they can be addressed before they impact your business.
  • Consult regularly to ensure your IT can meet your changing business needs.
  • Keep you abreast of the latest technologies.

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To find out just how much you can save, contact PPS today and ask about fixed price support.