The maxim of work anywhere is rapidly coming true.  Today’s office staff are, more and more, not in the office but working from home, from client’s premises or on the road, often in remote locations.  Perhaps you need to give contractors access to some of your systems.

Accessing data when you’re out of the office used to be next to impossible but with advances in automation and internet speeds, it’s becoming the norm.  You can either put your data in the cloud to make it accessible or create your own “private cloud”.

There is no “one size fits all” approach that works for everyone.  Different organisations have different priorities when it comes to flexibility, security, convenience, cost, reliability and speed.  We can offer the following solutions:

  • Email on phones, tablets and laptops (any device)
  • Remote desktop access via PCs
  • Remote database access via any device
  • Secure calling without telco charges

Talk to us today about what you would like to see – we’ll surprise you with what is possible and how little it costs.