Server Support

Whether your  server has crashed, you want it to be more reliable or you need advice on best practices, our team has a wealth of experience in providing reliable server infrastructure.

Protecting your information and intellectual property

A Cisco firewall can help protect your network and information from hackers and provide users with a safe surfing experience.

Short term Hardware leasing

Server dead and you need an urgent replacement? Our short term leases can fill the gap, and we can provide the service to make it work for you.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Ensuring your data is available and secure is critical to ensuring your business will be able to survive after a data loss or other business interruption. How would your business continue if your server failed, the power was cut or a building burnt down. We can provide a plan to assist you keep your business data backed up as insurance against disaster.


Need virus removal or looking for a better way to protect your computers and servers? PPS works with the industry’s leading antivirus solutions to ensure your network is as safe as possible.

Keeping your network secure

Our team includes network and server engineers to ensure we keep your vital data safe and secure.

Help Desk

Whether it is a quick fix to a printer issue or you want to outsource your IT Department, we can provide rapid resolution usually over the phone.


Whether it’s support for your current Exchange server, migrating to Exchange 2016 or just setting up your iPhones to receive email, our engineers are experts in messaging infrastructure.

IP, security and surveillance cameras

Monitor your business with IP cameras recording all the comings and goings in and around your business. You can provide surveillance and Workplace Health and Safety requirements along with security with these affordable cameras with high quality and video.

Hardware as a Service

Looking to cut the cost of hardware acquisition and move to a single monthly figure for all of your IT needs? Our hardware as a service program can ensure you are always using up to date equipment without the large upfront costs.