The ability to browse the internet has enabled workers to have a world of information at their fingertips.  Everything from booking couriers to researching obscure topics has now become so commonplace it is now considered an essential part of the modern office workers’ toolkit.

Unfortunately this unfettered access also gives workers the ability to “cyber slack” – surfing the web instead of doing their jobs.  For any manager trying to get the most from his staff, this is a real concern.

PPS has the solution.  With our Web Proxy service you can:

  • Block or restrict access to non-work related web sites.
  • Report on attempts to bypass the service.
  • Block access to sites known to be havens for malware or viruses.
  • Allow access during certain hours (eg lunch break to check FaceBook).
  • Limit web browsing to a predetermined number of hours per day.
  • Report on internet usage by users, groups or organisation.
  • Optionally allow staff access to sites after they click through a reminder.
  • Can be applied to staff computers outside the office.

If you are struggling to stop your staff from cyber slacking, contact us today and gain productivity you never imagined possible.